This site is an outcome of the Comenius 2008-2010 multilateral project "European Journey Through Legends".

"Becoming more European does not mean forgetting our national cultural heritage, but sharing it with other European nation".

The Warsaw Siren

A long long time ago two sisters sirens swam from the Atlantic Ocean to the Baltic. They were beautiful women with fish tails and they lived deep in the sea. 

One of them liked the rocks near Copenhagen and until today we can see her sitting on the rock at  the harbour. 

The second siren swam to the the huge harbour Gdañsk and then she swam to the source of the Vistula river.

When she was in Warsaw, she liked the city and she carne out from the water. She decided to stay there.

Soon the fishermen noticed that during the catching somebody interrupted them. Soon they were charmed with the siren singing but they didn't hurt her. Once, a rich trader saw the siren. He decided to show her on street markets so as to earn money. The trader captured the siren and put her into a shed. Fortunately a young servant heard  the siren's crying and saved her.

The siren was grateful and she promised to help the citizens if they ever would need  any help. Because of it the Warsaw Siren is armed now— she has got a sword and a shield.

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