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The Legend Of Miss Piotrkowska from Lodz, Poland

Mister Leszczynski – a very handsome and young bachelor from Leczyca, had great abilities to sketch. His domain was making the plans and the maps of new places, which could become factory settlements. More and more new places appeared, which made Leszczynski was famous in the village. A daughter of the pharmacist caught an eye on him. They met from time to time until they fell in love. He thought about her during days and dreamt at nights. He could not forget her.

Then he thought to present her portrait on one of the maps which he was just drawing.

So Leszczynski drew the contour of the beautiful girl on the map of Lodz.

Her head was the Main Market (todays Wolnosci Square, where there are all symbols of wisdom – the museum, church and the old Town Hall). Her long, dark plaits symbolise todays Pomorska and Legionow streets. Her long and beautiful neck is nothing else like Piotrowska Street, which is the nice and colourful place. Narutowicz and Zielona Streets represent her hands where the sign of work is present.Her heart is on the left – in the former Palace of Heinzl (todays City Hall). In Rzgowska and Pabianicka Streets her legs can be admired.

It’s the history of the most popular Lodz street.

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