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Ferhat and Şirin

According to the legend Ferhat was a famous craftsman who lived during the Persian time in Amasya. One day he was called to a small palace built for Sirin, Queen Mehmene Banu’s sister, to show his art on its doors and walls.

But something unpredictable happened when Ferhat and Sirin saw each other. They fell in love. Ferhat went to Queen Mehmene Banu and told her that he wanted so marry Sirin. The Queen didn’t want this marriage and told Ferhat,

"If you want to marry my sister Sirin, you must dig a huge channel right in the middle of the Elma (Apple) mountains of the city. Then, you must make the water come through this channel to the city. If you succeed, you may marry my sister. If you fail, forget her."

It was a 'mission impossible'. With the power of love, Ferhat started to dig the mountain. But when he was just about to finish the channel, he received a message from Mehmene Banu: Sirin is dead. With great anger Ferhat threw his hammer in the air but the hammer fell on his head and he died on the mountain he was digging. However, the message was a lie and after having heard about it Sirin went to the mountain and there she saw Ferhat’s dead body.

She jumped from the rocks of the mountain and killed herself. Ferhat and Sirin couldn’t be together while they were alive but now their graves are next to each other. People believe that every spring there are two roses growing from each grave and while the roses are about to touch each other, a black bush appears in the middle of them and doesn’t allow the roses to kiss each other.

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