This site is an outcome of the Comenius 2008-2010 multilateral project "European Journey Through Legends".

"Becoming more European does not mean forgetting our national cultural heritage, but sharing it with other European nation".

Evaluation session: Ballads into an European context

  • Choose a ballad (a traditional song dealing with themes relevant to myths or legends of your country)
  • The following aspects of the ballad will be analyzed: geography, music, history and any other cultural reference relevant to the topic.
  • Translation of the lyrics into English.
  • Choose the way the original ballad and its “interpretation” will be presented during the evaluation session (e.g. singing, acting, power point, CD player...)
  • Prepare the material (costumes, music instruments, maps...) necessary for the presentation. 
  • Please note that a time limit (approximately 20 mins.) will be allotted to each of the groups  involved in the project.

How the session will work:

Each group will present the ballad in the chosen format. The English version of the original ballad will then shared around the class. Cultural aspects of the ballad are then dealt with.

Good practice example:

"Miorița and other Romanian Symbols"

The script of our presentation:

1.Media presentation of the ballad Miorița:

2.Interaction with audience

Was the Romanian Shepperd sad? Was he happy? Did he died peacefull? Nobody knows...but you could have an opinion after you watch the next movie - the story of the one Romanian UNESCO monument : - The Merry Cemetery from Săpânța.

3. The presentation of "Merry Cemetery" from Săpânța, Maramureș county, Romania

4. Interaction with audience

So, there , at Săpânța, every ending is a new beginning ... a new life. That's the Romanian spirit! We celebrate life each spring. We celebrate love, on February, at Dragobete's Day, the Romanian St. Valentin.

The party for love last even in March. The first day of march, we celebrate the Little March Amulet Day - "Mărțișor" Day, another celebration of love.

Who gives life? Women! That's why, we continue the spring party of love celebrating Women's Day or Mothers' Day on March 8th.

Let's celebrate the love, together, in advance, in Romanian style - let's showing each other love by accepting our Romanian hand-made small gifts: the little March amulets (the Romanians pupils gave to all audience those handmade gifts).  

Even boys received amulets and spring good luck wishes (on yellow page) ;)

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