This site is an outcome of the Comenius 2008-2010 multilateral project "European Journey Through Legends".

"Becoming more European does not mean forgetting our national cultural heritage, but sharing it with other European nation".

Evaluation session : "How Green Are You? "

Prepare a debate on the topic "How green are you?" - a discussion about ecological problems in your area. 
Starting from a legend, story or a myth, create a media presentation to send an ecological message.

Good practice example:

"The charming blue planet"

During our researches for preparation of this session, we realised each country, each place has to face with the ecological problems such as the problems who already had named. That's why, we tried to build a story based on a fantasy of a famous writer, Antoine de Saint Exupery.  Is a beautiful story about of little prince and his friend, a little planet.  I  guess, each of us are a little prince for his own little planet. But together we are building a chain of little planets, chain who is, in fact, our blue planet, The Earth.

If each of us will take care of his own little planet, the blue chain of mother earth will be saved from ourselves.

We will be saved from ourselves!

Another movie:


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