This site is an outcome of the Comenius 2008-2010 multilateral project "European Journey Through Legends".

"Becoming more European does not mean forgetting our national cultural heritage, but sharing it with other European nation".

Evaluation session: "Create a script for..."

Follow the plan and create a script for a comedy, a drama and a tragedy.


1. number of characters: 12
2. place: village near the Vistula River
3. time: night
4. types of character: sphinx, monsters, peasants, ghosts, grandmother – Stefcia
5. legends used to write the script: Sphinx, “Dziady” by A. Mickiewicz
6. extra ideas: grandmother kissed sphinx and she changed as a monster with a huge pink ears and green tounge.

Grandmother is going to church. She is listening to her new MP3 player, which is playing Korn and Slipknot. While walking, she noticed Sphinx, who was eating and drinking. Grandmother decided to kiss it and surprisingly not her, but Sphinx changed its image. It became covered with pimples and spots. Suddely it started crying, which made old grandmother laughing. She was very excited and enthusiastic that she jumped to the Vistula River. The river was very deep so she drowned. Then sphinx called his friends (monsters and ghosts) to celebrate her death near the river. ......


1. number of characters: 10
2. place: Italy
3. time: 753 BC
4. types of character: Dracula, devil, Americans, Waterlady, wolf
5. legends used to write the script: Romelo and Remo, Dracula, Waterlady, Boruta Devil
6. extra ideas: -

Long time ago in Italy, there were Romelo and Remo, who were brothers. They were raised by a wolf. When they grew up, they built a town. Romelo built Remo. Romelo got married to a waterlady. Thye had two children: boruta and Yakinthos. Yakinthos was a very beautiful man. Boruta was very jealous of him so he tried to kill him. But waterlady protected him and changed him into waterlily. The brother of Yakinthos – Boruta chased him to take a revenge. But .....

...A  DRAMA:

1. number of characters: 9 (Dracula, girl, servant, 5 citizens, prince)
2. place: Dracula’s Castle
3. time:1000 years ago
4. types of character: Dracula, girl, servants, bats
5. legends used to write the script: Dracula
6. extra ideas: -

1000 years ago, there was a strange big castle somewhere in Transilvania that everybody was afraid of. One day, someone wanted to see Dracula and after he had entered the castle, he never came back. After that, citizens started thinking that someone evil was in the castle and a very curious prince went there so that he could see Dracula. One day, he saw a very beautiful girl and he fell in love with her. Dracula had captured her into his castle because he was also in love with her. So the prince decided to go in the castle and rescue the girl. When he found her, Dracula appeared and bit the girl’s neck. The prince started fighting with him but he vanished. The girl was lying dead and the prince started crying over her dead body.....

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