This site is an outcome of the Comenius 2008-2010 multilateral project "European Journey Through Legends".

"Becoming more European does not mean forgetting our national cultural heritage, but sharing it with other European nation".

The Mermaid's Legends

Once upon a time there was an old fisherman living with his grandson in a small village near the sea. The grandson liked to play on the beach and his dream was to become a sailor and travel through the sea. However the fisherman was afraid about the boy’s dream and wanted to protect him from sailing because he knew that a mermaid was living somewhere in the ocean. So he decided to tell the young boy a story that happened to him.

“When I was young I also wanted to travel on the sea. When I had some money I bought a ship and went to the ocean. I was happy traveling around the world. One day there was no wind or storm and we were traveling with no problem. The water was clear and calm. But suddenly something started shaking the ship. I was so afraid and thought that it was a sea monster but I was wrong. I saw a woman rising from the sea. She was half-human and half-fish. She was a mermaid a beautiful young lady. She was smiling at me and said that she wanted to ask me a question and if I gave the correct answer I was free to continue my journey. So she asked me:

“Does king Alexander live?”

I thought that it was an easy question because everybody knows that he is dead so I answered .

"No he does not live. He is dead."

I thought that I gave the correct answer and that she will let me go. But instead of that she became so angry and she hit my boat with her tail so hard that the ship broke into small pieces. I was so lucky that I survived after this happened. I managed to swim to the closest beach. After this I told everyone about the incident but nobody believed me.

Now I know that the answer to her question was “yes” because we must not forget our past. King Alexander still lives in our memory and we must not forget that. This is why I am so afraid of you going to the sea. Because when you travel in the large and beautiful sea you forget everything else. So you must be very careful not to forget. If you manage that then you will be ready to do anything you want.

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